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Reach Your Audience.
Across All Devices.

Froyoo enables scalable data enrichment and cross device advertisement solutions, focused on the MENA region.
We will help you improve the reach, precision, and effectiveness of your campaigns across any channel or audience.

Fast & Secure

Flexible & Scalable

Automated & Interconnected

We Got You Covered.

Our smart data management platform interconnects between endless types, formats, and sizes of data sets,  through pipelines and in bulk.

Allow us to provide you with the best insight possible, real-time enrichment, and tailored solutions that cover all your blind spots.


Data Enrichment And Cross Device Advertisement Solutions

Refine your audiences, enrich profiles across regions and devices, detect and avoid fraud, or improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. Explore our platform and simply integrate the data enrichment and cross device advertisement solutions you need for your business.

Cloud Based Workflows

Our platform is entirely cloud based and consists of best practice solutions and workflows only. This leaves us with a fast, highly flexible, and scalable platform that will seamlessly integrate with yours.

Froyoo Identity Graph 

We provide the leading Froyoo cross device graph that allows you to precisely identify your brand customers or households across multiple devices, to unlock key use cases, and to enable personalization features throughout your audiences.

Automated Data Analytics 

Our platform uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning solutions to continuously improve our data products and insights in a fully automized manner. This helps you gain further knowledge about your data and increase the reach and efficiency of your own products.

Exclusive Partnerships

Our exclusive partnerships with leading local and global platforms allow us to accurately connect billions of devices. This enables you to maximize the  effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns and drive your results with unparalleled potential.

The Froyoo Data Management Platform

We use state of the art technology and practices in our data management platform. The fast, secure, and scalable processes provide customizable data products for data matching, targeting, identity resolutions, and many more. All based on billions of data points, every single day.

Automated ETL and Analysis

Integrated Data Lake

Data Products on Request

Looking ahead.
With Web3.
And the Metaverse.

The future is now. Adaptation of new technologies like Web3 and the creation of the Metaverse open a new dimension to advertisers across the globe. Our focus on cross device advertisement solutions means to enable targeted advertisement, even in the Metaverse. Explore this new space together with us.

Maximize Your Output With Our Cross Device Advertisement Solutions

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