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Cross Device Solutions in Blind Spot Regions


Who we are

Connecting brands to consumers effectively

We provide the leading cross-device graph in the world's most rapidly developing markets and demographics.

Our goal is to create the most robust global cross-device digital identity graph focused exclusively on the world's fastest developing regions.


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Froyoo provides its partners and customers an unparalleled level of outreach and resolution.

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The Froyoo Graph

Changing the Game

The Froyoo Graph enables marketers to identify a brand customer or related household across multiple devices, unlocking key use cases across programmatic targeting, media measurement, attribution, and personalization globally.


The Froyoo Way

Connecting Millions Internationally

By creating exclusive partnerships with leading local platforms, we are able to create the Froyoo Graph which connects millions of individuals across hundreds of millions of devices, in a manner that is both accurate and privacy-conscious.

These tools allow marketers in blind-spot regions to maximize effectiveness and drive results in markets with unparalleled potential.

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What We Do

Audience Segmentation - The Right Way

The Froyoo Graph allows both global and local brands the ability to identify customers across multiple devices and at a level of sophistication and resolution previously only possible in mature and saturated OECD markets.


Our Technology

The Froyoo Cross-Device graph utilizes our proprietary technology to generate unique digital identities for every consumer. Our A.I powered platform allows our partners and clients to coherently communicate with their target audiences, and focus on their primary business regardless of their customer's devices. 

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Tailored to your industry

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The goal of an agency is to exceed client expectations. That’s why gaining a unified view of users will help solve for allocating marketing spend efficiently, serve impressions to the right users across devices and deliver against the right KPIs.

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In a fragmented digital landscape, understanding a consumer’s cross-device journey is essential for brands to deliver relevant messaging. Without a holistic view, it’s difficult for brands to see, target and measure across consumer devices effectively.

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Technology Platforms

Tech platforms have the unique ability to connect cross-channel media strategies all in one console. But without transparency between these channels, brands can risk wasting media by over-targeting consumers.



Tailored Targeting

Connect with consumers across multiple devices and tailor advertising to their needs

Data Enrichment

Enhance your existing data with new devices

Reach & Scale

Get to more devices than ever before

Privacy & Ethics

GDPR Compliance. Robust encryption standards. Ethical data use.

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Privacy First

At Froyoo we take personal data privacy very seriously and adhere to the highest standards of data regulations including GDPR and the California Consumer Policy Act (CCPA). We are strong believers in ethical data use.

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