Connecting to consumers across devices

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Today, more than ever it is becoming increasing difficult to connect to consumers. Most have more than one device; as people constantly navigate from their computers to mobile phones, tablets, to smart devices and cars. As televisions move away from the living room to your hand, it is becoming imperative to reach out to consumers across all their different devices. The only problem is: that is no easy feat.

Digital Identity resolution through cross-device targeting allows marketers and advertisers to manage the diverse digital world of today and establish meaningful relationships with their consumers.

The marketing goals will differ across different business models; whether its a product that seeks to drive sales and create brand loyalty; a service that acquires new customers; or a subscription that preserves and maximizes a customer's lifetime value, cross-device identity based resolution is key to driving success.

Multi-Screen Consumer Behavior

According to studies conducted by Google, ninety percent of consumer consumption occurs in front of a screen. Consumers balance their time between televisions, tablets, PCs, smartphones, smart cars

and a multi-screen behavior is increasingly becoming the norm.

To further drive the point through, research shows that the average U.S. consumer owns an average of five devices. Moreover, ninety-percent of users move across devices in order to complete daily tasks. It is becoming imperative for businesses to understand this multi-screen consumer behavior and learn to leverage their tools to adapt to this environment.

3 Rules for Business insights

We have noted a list of insights that could be useful for businesses in a multi-screen world:

  1. Most consumers use another device while watching television, providing an opportunity to markets to convey messages that are aligned with the content on TV.

  2. Businesses should enable their customers to save progress across their devices

  3. Businesses should enable conversion and call to action across more than one device

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